The Dragon Naturally Speaking software can go smoothly with any version of Windows. Many people out there faced a common issue ‘When trying to launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Windows, the following error message appeared on the screen - Failed to launch UI automation server’.

The issue has been faced by many people and they come over many communities to get its resolution.


Well, the team of technical experts did identify the issue and analyzed why it occurred with Windows Operating System. The error was caused by User Account Control (UAC) being gone in an unstable state.

So, what is it and how can you come over it? Below, we have listed the possible solutions to this problem.


Solution #1:

To prevent your PC from this issue, make sure that User Account Control (UAC) is set correctly.


Follow these steps to check out -

 Close All Running Applications

 Visit Control Panel through Start Wizard

 Click ‘Classic View>User Accounts

 Now Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off.

 Click on the checkbox of Use User Account Control (UAC) to turn this option opposite to its current state. This helps in protecting your computer.


 Once you’re done, click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

 Now, restart the system.

Note – If following this procedure, disables the User Account Control, you may follow the above steps once again to set this option ‘Enabled’. It is important for UAC to be enabled to make Dragon Naturally Speaking work well with the Windows.


Solution #2:

This solution is about editing the registry. But before doing it, make sure, you know how to restore it if any problem persists.


Here’s how you can backup the registry -

 Go to Start and Type ‘Regedit’ without the quotes and double click the option to open the Registry Editor.


 You can export a backup copy of your Registry in prior to prevent your system form the issues that may occur during the following procedures. To export the back, follow “File > Export”.

 Now you save this backup file to Windows Desktop and name the file “backup”.

 To check for the required value in the Windows registry, please navigate to the following registry path:


 Now you must verify whether there is an “EnableLUA” registry key is listed or not.


 In case the “EnableLUA” key exists, you may proceed to the next step and if not, please repeat the previous step.

 Right click the Registry Editor Window and create a new registry entry by right and select “New > DWORD (32-bit) Value”.


 Rename this new value to: EnableLUA

 Now, double click the ‘EnableLUA’ and set ‘Value Data’ to 1.

 Save the changes and close the registry editor.

 Once you’re done with the all the steps, restart the Computer.

 Now User Accounts Control will be correctly enabled.

So, these were two best possible solutions to overcome the Dragon UI Error. Still, if you face any issues, please get back to us with your queries.



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